How do you feel about technical audits?

The root cause of failing technical audits


Are you one of these customers that are convinced that you (your quality manager) can perform technical audits at your suppliers process? And the results of your audits are very good… no supplier or a bad performing supplier? How can we think that checking the instructions assures us that the supplier will perform well? In my experience, more than 80 % of the instructions are INCOMPLETE! Only about 10 % is complete and correct. That is the root cause of failing technical audits. Suppliers feel comfortable about these type of technical audits. They will be eager to teach you and show their (incomplete) well-looking instructions. They are happy with you, as a learning auditor and maybe your auditor is happy too. Why not let the audit perform by an insider that knows the process? Yes, maybe they will protect their colleagues or maybe not. Why not learning how the process is set and should be set? Why not learning to evaluate if instructions are complete? It only requires a small extra training and will give you a lot of good sleep nights afterwards…