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    Gietech, by its owner Staf Henderieckx, has completed 50 years (August 1, 1970 started) of working in the metal industry (mainly foundry) all over the world. He is familiar with engineering, metallurgy, process control and problem solving as well as auditing and final inspection. People on Linkedin recognize this (7857 connections and over 7905 followers). His books are popular and deal about real practice as well as theoretical knowledge, interesting for suppliers and customers / users in the metal industry.

  Knowledge is more valuable if it is combined with experience!      




Is it a problem to have a problem?

Not at all; it means you experience something new.

Is it a problem that it does not get solved quickly?

Yes because it means you do not know the solution and your people accept it.

 Is it a problem that a problem appears again?

Yes because this means you did not solve it and you still do not know how to prevent it!

Can 48 years of experience from Staf help you? 


Books can contain theoretical background for educating. It describes why and how something works. It is our knowledge transfer.

Books can contain practical experience how circumstances influences results. It is for informing others how to deal with something, how to do it right from the first time, how to solve problems. It is our experience transfer. 

 What if books are written by an educated and experienced author?


Why do we need training? Is it waste of money?

The books and education teach us how to do, how to perform a process.. So we know it very well!

But reality is never following the books... Always unexpected things happen. And that is why we should train!

Training is building experience in how to react on non-expected things, how to react on problems...


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