Do not keep running around with problems!  

Keep your knowhow and experience in your datafile, not in the head of your employees! 


The problems related non-conformities are mostly evaluated by the company cost. But there is a much higher hidden cost:

  1. Less output and increase of WIP (Work In Progress)

  2. Extra time spend on the problem (lost for scheduled work) of quality department, engineering, meeting cost, re-scheduling activities, rush operations… Troubling your normal scheduled process…

  3. Cost at the customers end (probably not directed to the company, sometimes directed as a damage cost…)

  4. Loss of goodwill, decrease in relation ranking at the customers end.

Gietech has a system that identifies, describes, explains any potential defect in the foundry.  It consist of over 330 types of non-conformities (each of them has a particular file) and contains over 3300 pictures.

Download guide-book for free (on Download Area page): Non conformity system 20160501.doc and Datasheet non-conformity system.doc and Content of the Non-Conformity Datafile.

The root causes and influences identification and explanation is part of it (and can be used as a check list), as well as the potential solutions. At last, the potential "process causes" and actions are listed.


  1. Send 3 pictures of non-conformities (not from a book but from your company) with indication of material, size and applicable other data (melting type, moulding type)

  2. If they are from your company, Gietech will award you with the free of charge Dictionary (over 20.300 items from the metal industry)

  3. Per company (first 30 companies, equally divided over America, Asia and Europe), a list with extra required data will be send by Gietech. The inventory of the send emails will be published on this webpage and it is appreciated if an evaluation is send by you (about the file) for publishing on this website.

  4. After receiving the data, Gietech will send you the non-conformity file involved for free (applicability on that non-conformity depends on the correctness of the data given by you).

This proposal allows you to evaluate the system.

If it is not interesting, we forget it (no commitment from your side).

If it is interesting, Gietech can send you, on request, the further conditions for use.