Casting surface capability

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The casting surface finish is one of the most controversial subjects and leads many times to discussion between supplier and customer. 
First the definitions (as cast and machined condition) are set and then USA collected data are presented.
The influences on the surface finish are inventoried and discussed. 
The inventory of the international standards and commonly acceptable recommendations leads to the testing and evaluation. 
A comparison between the casting as cast and machined surface is given and the effect of the shot (shot blasting activity) given. 
It is very easy to use book for engineering and the fettling and cleaning department leaders. Quality department can use it during the discussion with the customers (for setting the requirements) and their inspectors. 
It is also interesting for the designers of casting users and can assist their inspectors for first and correct evaluation of the castings.  PDF-format / 19 pages / 30,3 Mb

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