Furane sand - Chemical bounded sand

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The book shows the different self-setting systems and compare them. It describes the furane system more in detail and inventories the influences and give recommendations for use. 
The reclaiming of this sand and the common used equipment are discussed as well as the preferred testing: new and reclaimed sand, mould and core sand, coating and mould and core strength. 
As a last part the non-conformities are described, concerning mould and core and concerning consequences on the castings. 
In the additions, the use of chromite sand, the test instructions and hardening curve of the sand is explained. The influences on environment and the safety precautions are also mentioned. 
It is very interesting for engineering, moulding and core making as well as quality department as it also inventories the potential problems.   PDF-format / 217 pages / 16,9 Mb

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