High Chromium Nickel Cast Irons

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It concerns the wear resisting white iron, well-known as Nihards. 
The first part of the book shows the international standards (up to 2007) and the required chemistry per type. The structure and the mechanical and physical properties are described as well as the influence of the working conditions. 
The production process steps are discussed as well as the commonly used and or required inspections. This includes the repair welding and the machining. 
Some applications are shown and the standards of related materials listed. 
In the additions, the coquille (metal mould) castings as well as the duplex castings are described. For the hardness, the relation between the different types is given. At last a special copper-alloyed type and grinding ball material is explained. 
It provides very interesting information for engineering, production and quality department.
It is an information source for the casting designer and user.  PDF-format / 187 pages / 2,5 Mb

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