Inoculation of iron

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Inoculation is one of the required and metal quality related metallurgical treatments. Most foundries just use figures, given by the suppliers, without further investigation or evaluation. 
The definition and purpose of this treatment is given as well as the preferred final free graphite. The inoculation mechanism and its fading effect are described. 
The potential inoculants and the type of addition, together with preferred procedures (rules) are explained as well as the testing methods. The potential non-conformities are inventoried and described. 
In the attachment, more information about the nodule count and the effect of Overinoculation is presented. 
It is required material for foundry engineering, melting and other production leaders and quality department.
It is also well suited for first technical foundry related education.  PDF-format / 88 pages / 8,1 Mb

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