Martensitic High Chromium Stainless Steel - CA 6NM

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This book shows the position of the martensitic stainless steels in the group of stainless steels. 
The standards involved, chemistry, microstructure, mechanical and physical properties and corrosion behaviour are inventoried. 
The production of this material is analyzed in detail: engineering, patterns, moulding, melting, fettling, heat treatment, machining and passivation. 
The next chapter describes the non-conformities and all testing involved as well as the instructions for weld repairing. 
A number of common applications is mentioned as well as extra literature. 
In the attachments, interesting data or given about conversion factors, corrosion data and pH values. 
It provides very interesting information for foundry engineering, production and quality department, but also for the designers and users of castings.
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