Niresist - Austenitic irons

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General information about AUSTENITIC IRONS (Niresists), type gray and ductile. 
After the general iron classification, the niresist standards, chemistries and applications are inventoried. Than the mechanical, physical and environmental related properties as well as machinability are shown. 
The production process is described from the pattern to engineering, moulding, melting, metallurgical treatment, pouring, finishing, repair welding and heat treatment. 
In the next part, all testing involved is described (mechanical properties, magnetism, corrosion resistance, residual stress and leakage testing). The most common non-conformities are mentioned: chemistry, free graphite, mechanical properties, physical properties (mostly magnetism) as well as the surface and section defects. 
In the attachments, the designation principle is explained and the special types (Niresist D5S and Nomag / Nodumag) are described. 
It is a must for foundry engineering and quality department.
It is very interesting for the casting designers and the inspectors of the users.   PDF-format / 327 pages / 27,8 Mb

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