Porosity in Gray iron

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The first part is describing the metal shrinkage that initiates porosity. The cooling curve is mentioned as a tool for discovering potential porosity and the influence of the mould and casting section are inventoried. The final item is the elaboration of the root cause(s)and the influences. 
The second part will lead you to the solutions. It is investigated if riserless pouring is possible and if not, how to design the proper (cheapest and most efficient) risers. The effect of chills and padding is also discussed. 
The third chapter will show non-conformities concerning porosity in the castings: riser design and activity, feeding length and types of porosity. 
It is an important tool for engineering and quality department for solving porosity problems. It is a book that every engineer should read and use before he start using simulation programs. 
It is also well suited for the technical foundry related education.  PDF-format / 175 pages / 22,8 Mb

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