Pouring System for Castings

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The pouring system of a casting is an underestimated item due to the fact that most of the inclusions are caused and not-well blocked by the pouring system. In a first part, the purpose and standard designs are described as well as the important features: choke section, pouring time, ferrostatic height, speed or friction factor and metal velocity. 
The second part will inventories and evaluate the design and pressurized and non-pressurized and mixed system. 
Than every item (pouring box, sprue, runner, ingates, vents, slag collectors and filters are described in detail. 
Some exotic types are shown and an example of calculation program result close the book. The calculation program can be purchased at Gietech BV. 
This book is a must for engineering, pattern and moulding department and quality department. It is a book that every engineer should read and use before he starts using simulation programs. 
It is also well suited for the technical foundry related education.  PDF-format / 182 pages / 5,5 Mb

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