Silicon iron

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This books deals with SILICON iron, as well the lower alloyed (4 - 6 %) as the higher alloyed (> 10 %), gray and ductile type of iron (latest revision 2012). The book is divided in 2 parts because the materials are totally different concerning production and mechanical properties. The production is described concerning all operations: patterns, moulding and core making, melting, pouring, shake out, fettling and finishing. The potential heat treatments are inventoried and described as latest. The mechanical and physical properties as well as the other properties (corrosion, erosion, temperature stability, machinability and permeability) are mentioned. The common inspection and testing is inventoried. The standards and applications are given. It is very interesting as general information for foundry engineering and quality department as well as the designer and engineering of the casting users. Same items covered for the 14 - 17 % silicon iron. PDF-format / 129 pages / 2,1 Mb

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