Spectrometer Chemistry Analysis testing

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The spectrometer is one of the important testing equipment in the foundry. It is amazing how foundries are using it. 
The first part deals with inventorying the type of spectrometers and explaining the functioning and components of the instrument.
The requirements for the test samples are explained in detail. 
The next chapter gives inside on the testing limits and tolerances of the test result. It sets and explains the instruction for its use: standardizing and calibrating and testing. 
The causes for incorrect results or inventoried: incorrect standardizing and or production sample, incorrect testing or testing conditions, problems with Argon and the representatively of the sample with the casting involved.
As a last item, the testing of carbon in the different testing methods (CE-meter, wet chemical) is explained. 
It is easy to use and important book for the testing operators and quality department employees. It is also very interesting for engineering, and melting department as it also inventories the potential problems.
It is interesting literature for customer inspectors to be aware of the capability and potential incorrect testing results.
It is not a “training” for inspectors.    PDF-format / 49 pages / 10,3 Mb

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